Sunday, December 13, 2009


Ten Things I Will Always Tell my Daughter:
  1. You make my life complete.
  2. I have learned more from you than I will ever teach you.
  3. It's not where you come from but rather the person that you become.
  4. Some of my fondest memories are those from when it was just you and me.
  5. "I love you"
  6. How beautiful you are.  Inside and out.
  7. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
  8. The truth of who you are... kind, loving, smart, funny... even when you can't see it or believe it.
  9. Don't be too serious.  Enjoy being a kid and always reserve a tiny corner of your heart that never grows old.
  10. Happy Birthday.  I am so glad you were born!
Today is my daughter's 6th birthday.  She loves her birthday and she loves Christmas.  She says that December is the best month of her life. 

This year she asked for "a private birthday party with her parents".

And a Nintendo DS.

She got both and then some...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

P.S.  I know that you won't always want a private party with us and that is OK.  Thank you for letting us be cool for however long that it lasts... 


Deborah said...

Happy Birthday to your lucky daughter!

I too have a December girl, who used to be convinced that she had to wait longer for her birthday than anyone else in the family.

She sounds like a precocious and appreciative child to want 'a private birthday party' with her parents.

Happy Day, Jennifer.

Shattered said...

Oh, she is very precocious! About your daughter... I am waiting for mine to come up with that reasoning too. :)