Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The impending doom of the letter "Z".

That's what is on my 5 year old's mind these days.

She is a bright little girl; she's been reading since she was 4 and she thoroughly loves her pre-kindergarten class. However, she has been expressing that she is nervous about starting kindergarten in the school with the big kids. Completely understandable. Hell, I'm nervous myself!

This year, they have a "letter of the week" and they learn the sounds the letter makes, words that start with that letter and then words that rhyme with those corresponding words.

Lately she has been not wanting to go to school and especially dreading a new week. Last night we finally figured out why. She announced over dessert that the letter they are working on this week is the letter "Y". Next week is the letter "Z". And then... she's doomed. Yes, she literally said "doomed".

Evidently, on the playground her classmates and her have collectively decided that upon ending letter "Z" week, they will promptly be dropped of at the elementary school doors to find their classroom and fend for themselves amongst the big kids. We tried our absolute hardest not to laugh and I think we managed really big smiles instead of laughter. We did our best to explain to her that that would not be happening and that she had the rest of this Spring and then the whole Summer to get ready for kindergarten and then we would take her to school. She seemed pleased with our answer and was actually excited to go to school today.

This morning I took her to her classroom and the second she walked through the door she announced to everyone, "guess what, kids! We don't have to leave after the letter "Z"! We get to stay longer and then our parents will take us to kindergarten later!". The kids who heard her stopped and clapped their hands and giggled... then they all hugged each other.

Of course the teachers looked confused and I explained the impending doom of the letter "Z". They got a good laugh out of it too and then promised to do a better job of explaining the transition to kindergarten.


Annie Coe said...

That is so sweet. This story made me smile after a rough day, thanks for that.

mtyler77 said...

This really brought a smile to my face also, shattered. I'm glad your daughter brought a smile to you, to her classmates, and to us as well!

Childhood can be a wondrous time, can't it?


a quasi French woman said...

Hey, I'm sorry that I have arrived late to the gathering. But, finally, I have arrived. It took me long enough!

One of your loyal fans has been encouraging me to drop by--in a different incarnation, I'm sure. That is, or rather this is, only one of the 3 Faces of Eve. I'm usually Halfway To France but I was quasi French as I worked on the galaxy's most exhaustive archive of expat blogs out of France--a mere hobby, a distraction...and I drifted over from there.

However, I had to stop and comment on this delightful illustration of the power of lack of information and the misunderstandings it engenders. I'm so delighted that you took the time to write about your little girl's anxiety over the alphabet coming to an end--because of what it appeared to forecast on the horizon.

I will try to keep it in mind as my life in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave peters out and I fling myself into the kindergarten of central France. It put a smile on my face, too.

Deborah said...

This was a superbly written piece - and a delightful story.

Shattered said...

Deborah, I love this story too. I still share it when talking about my daughter. She is nearly 6 and she is a "seasoned" kindergarten student now. I think she lost the last little bit of "toddler" when she went to kindergarten and although it is fun to see her grow, I miss those younger days. :)